Bridgette Dunlap

Bridgette Dunlap

Attorney and legal commentator.

Writing about politics, public understanding of the law, criminal justice, law & religion, reproductive rights, human rights, professional protectionism, and such.

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Rolling Stone

Gavin Grimm: What Supreme Court Announcement Means

A look inside the case of Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. and what recent developments mean for transgender rights.

Rs jeff sessions 41277185 1457 48c2 9f22 14252b97785b article
Rolling Stone

Why Jeff Sessions Must Resign as Attorney General

Whether or not he perjured himself on the Russia matter, Sessions must go.

Lead 960 article
The Atlantic

How the Clergy Set the Standard for Safe, Comfortable Abortions

The story of a group of religious leaders who revolutionized patient care before the procedure was legal...

Donald trump flynn russia logan act 11bcc994 d4db 4cfc adcd 5d834d4d08fe article
Rolling Stone

Trump Doesn't Get to Decide if the Russia Story Is 'Fake News'

Once again, the president is acting like he gets to decide what the law is.

Trump immigration ban illegal 25228cb2 8bc9 4f60 97c7 3d8ca1d98367 article
Rolling Stone

All the Ways Trump Defies the Law by Targeting Muslims

The travel ban demonstrates Trump's fundamental disdain for the principle, underlying all of our laws, that promises matter.

Rs chelsea manning00 ba5b8fc5 e809 4f54 a73b 642d520bd068 article
Rolling Stone

Chelsea Manning's Commutation: What It Means

Before President Obama granted clemency, Manning was serving 35 years in prison, the longest sentence for a leak in U.S. history

Ap 890426091 3bc11c0e 1851 4627 9823 2e5cbaf3f8cb article
Rolling Stone

Will America Lose 'Roe v. Wade' Under Trump?

No. Reproductive rights supporters undermine their cause with alarmist claims about the end of Roe.

Rs sean spicer 93b74a1c 1b48 47d1 9bb5 92e1d35fa4c5 article
Rolling Stone

Trump's Anti-Democratic War on Facts and Free Speech

Freedom of information, speech and the press are essential for a functioning democracy – but to Trump, they're a threat.

Dictatorial free speech article
Rolling Stone

Donald Trump's Dictatorial Approach to Free Speech

The President-elect relishes his freedom to attack others while demanding only adoration for himself.

Trump constitution article
Rolling Stone

Let's Talk About the Constitution – Under Trump, We Need It

When Trump proposes something that is off-the-table constitutionally, We the People must tell him early and often and loudly that we're not going to take it.

Disdain for the rule of law article
Rolling Stone

Trump's Open Disdain for the Rule of Law

Trump acts like he's running to be America's dictator rather than the president of a nation of laws.

Sa 4 article
Rolling Stone

'Southwest of Salem': San Antonio Four, Junk Forensic Science ...

Homophobia and hysteria didn't deprive these women of their freedom – prosecutors did.

Pence cruelty article
Rolling Stone

Mike Pence's Casual Cruelty on Abortion at the VP Debate - Rolling ...

Pence portrays later abortions as monstrous, while doing all he can to make it impossible to get an early one.

No mystery article
Rolling Stone

It's No Mystery Why Trump's Accusers Waited to Come Forward ...

Women get assaulted everyday and make the perfectly rational decision not to do anything about it.

Lead 960 %281%29 article
The Atlantic

When Regulation Is Bad—Except for Abortion

Regulatory laws based on phony health claims erode economic liberty. But some free-market conservatives have a double standard for abortion....