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Bridgette Dunlap

Attorney and legal commentator.

Writing about politics, public understanding of the law, criminal justice, law & religion, reproductive rights, human rights, professional protectionism, and such.

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Scotus article

Three Constitutional Basics Every Abortion Rights Supporter Should ...

Abortion opponents regularly talk as though no restriction is off the table when it comes to stripping away reproductive rights. Pro-choicers need to know why abortion is a constitutional right and what boundaries the U.S. Supreme Court has set out to protect it.

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How Anonymous Does More Harm Than Good for Sexual Assault Victims - Rewire

Women don’t need to be avenged by "white knights." We need the knowledge and the legal resources to vindicate our rights ourselves....

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No, Texas Law Does Not Say You Can Shoot an Escort Who Refuses to Have Sex - Rewire

A misreading of the verdict in an upsetting Texas case has gone viral, since Gawker claimed: “Texas Says It's OK to Shoot an Escort If She Won't Have Sex With You.” Texas law does not say that, and the jury didn’t either.

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For It Before They Were Against It: Catholic Universities and Birth Control - RH Reality Check

Last week was Catholic Schools Week, an ideal moment to review the history of advocacy for contraceptive access at Catholic-affiliated schools....

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Here's What You Need to Know About Your Birth Control Access Post-Supreme Court Ruling - Rewire

Yes, the Zubik v. Burwell case challenged the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive coverage mandate. But that shouldn't stop you from getting your reproductive health needs met—without a co-payment....

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Learn Your Rights: Touching a Pregnant Person's Stomach Is Illegal, and Has Been for Some Time - Rewire

Numerous media outlets are reporting that Pennsylvania has banned the touching of a pregnant person’s belly without permission with a “new” or “renewed” or “expanded” law. However, it is already illegal to touch a person without consent in every state, pregnant or not....

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Off-Campus Catholic Conservatives Meddle With Abortion Coverage for Loyola Marymount Faculty - Rewire

Having to fight your employer for health-care equity is bad; having to fight whoever else has an opinion on it is worse....

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My Short-Lived Hope for a More Compassionate Catholic Church - Rewire

Pope Francis said he objects to “laboratories” where out-of-touch people in power develop solutions to problems they don’t understand. Yet it seems those efforts don't include a willingness to try and understand actual women’s lives....

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Why a Catholic School Teacher Was Fired for an IVF Pregnancy—And Why She Was Awarded $171,000 (UPDATED) - Rewire

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati argued that although Christa Dias was hired to teach computer classes and is not Catholic, she was still considered a minister of the Catholic Church and therefore could be fired for not adhering to Catholic teachings about IVF. But Dias won in court....

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Unethical, Cruel, and Likely Illegal: Anti-Choicers Make Family's Tragedy Public Without Their Consent - Rewire

Anti-choice activist Jill Stanek recently published online the name and photo of a woman who passed away following a late-term abortion at the Maryland clinic of Dr. Leroy Carhart.  Beyond being unethical and unbelievably cruel, making her family’s tragedy public without their consent was likely illegal....

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Self-Certification and the Contraceptive Coverage Rule: What Does it Mean for an Institution to “Hold Itself Out as Religious?" - Rewire

Some religiously-affiliated institutions characterize themselves as "secular" when recruiting or seeking public funding but "church-controlled" when demanding exemptions from the law, such as the birth control benefit. Potential employees, students, and patients—as well as taxpayers generally—deserve to know who they are dealing with....

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Defending the Right to Bodily Integrity: The Reproductive Justice Movement and Force-Feeding at Guantanamo - Rewire

Given our commitment to recognizing and dismantling systems of oppression that deny individuals self-determination and bodily integrity, reproductive justice advocates must demand an end to force-feeding at Guantanamo....

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A Question for Anti-Choicers: How, Exactly, Would Your Rape Exception Work? - Rewire

No politician or pundit should get away with claiming he supports any “exception” without facing the obvious follow-up question: “How, exactly, would it work?”...